Active art project

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Cendrillon et ses 1 024 pantoufles de flammes. A tale of existence. A study on what Cinderella's tale might have looked like if she had known about fractal flares.

Get your piece and become part of the tale. When all 1 024 pieces are minted and have an owner, the Cendrillon masterpiece will be revealed – with a twist!

Limited edition custom ERC721 NFT. All details here.

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Tideweigh Quests with Loot

Active art project

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Standing on the shoulders of giants. Loot is an innovative NFT collection of adventurer gear, dreamt up by Dom Hofmann.

Tideweigh's Quests with Loot are humble quests that the proud owners of Loot can play around with. It's art. It's a game. It's gaming art. It's art gaming. It is whatever you want to make out of it. Just like Loot.

Note: Web3 interface to solve Quests currently under development. Contact me if you wish to beta test!



January 2021

2020 was challenging on more than one front. But Bitcoin has survived, and even thrived. This algorithmically generated animation pays tribute to resilience in all its forms.

Get to know more about the why and how.

Static preview of artistic heartbeat of Bitcoin for the year 2020
Single edition ERC721 NFT. All details here.

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